Do you remember the taste of old-times meat? We are happy introducing to you our offer of tasty meat straight from the smokehouse. Now you can again feel this unique and fantastic taste, and luxuriate with tasty polish meat with all of your family!

Rustic table
Catering and wedding offer; our products taste great on weddings and other events; served on the “Rustic table” are always great attraction for both eyes and taste buds of participants.

Occasional baskets
A basket with our products is a perfect match for a gift, expression of thanks or just tasty surprise for any occasion!

Spécialité de la maison
Besides our standard products, we are offering also specials, which surely will spice all kinds of events, like weddings, family meetings or company parties. Our specials are always a great happening, so your friends and guests will remember them for a long time.

We can also prepare our products the way they could be served instantly, if you want and we will do it with for free. But to prepare such a wonderful, tasty meat we need an appropriate amount of time, so our specials should be booked about a week ahead.

Baked ham b/k
Baked ham z/k
Roasted shoulder b/k
Roasted shoulder z/k